Package org.apache.velocity.runtime.log

Interface Summary
LogChute Base interface that logging systems need to implement.

Class Summary
CommonsLogLogChute Redirects Velocity's LogChute messages to commons-logging.
JdkLogChute Implementation of a simple java.util.logging LogChute.
Log Convenient wrapper for LogChute functions.
Log4JLogChute Implementation of a simple log4j system that will either latch onto an existing category, or just do a simple rolling file log.
LogDisplayWrapper This is a wrapper around a log object, that can add a prefix to log messages and also turn logging on and off dynamically.
LogManager This class is responsible for instantiating the correct LogChute
NullLogChute Logger used in case of failure.
ServletLogChute Simple wrapper for the servlet log.
SystemLogChute Logger used when no other is configured.

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