Class Introspector

  extended by org.apache.velocity.util.introspection.IntrospectorBase
      extended by org.apache.velocity.util.introspection.Introspector
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public class Introspector
extends IntrospectorBase

This basic function of this class is to return a Method object for a particular class given the name of a method and the parameters to the method in the form of an Object[] The first time the Introspector sees a class it creates a class method map for the class in question. Basically the class method map is a Hastable where Method objects are keyed by a concatenation of the method name and the names of classes that make up the parameters. For example, a method with the following signature: public void method(String a, StringBuffer b) would be mapped by the key: "method" + "java.lang.String" + "java.lang.StringBuffer" This mapping is performed for all the methods in a class and stored for

$Id: 741214 2009-02-05 18:13:47Z nbubna $
Jason van Zyl, Bob McWhirter, Attila Szegedi, Paulo Gaspar, Henning P. Schmiedehausen

Field Summary
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Constructor Summary
Introspector(Log log)
Method Summary
 Method getMethod(Class c, String name, Object[] params)
          Gets the method defined by name and params for the Class c.
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Constructor Detail


public Introspector(Log log)
log - A Log object to use for the introspector.
Method Detail


public Method getMethod(Class c,
                        String name,
                        Object[] params)
                 throws IllegalArgumentException
Gets the method defined by name and params for the Class c.

getMethod in class IntrospectorBase
c - Class in which the method search is taking place
name - Name of the method being searched for
params - An array of Objects (not Classes) that describe the the parameters
The desired Method object.
IllegalArgumentException - When the parameters passed in can not be used for introspection.

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