Package org.apache.velocity.util

Interface Summary
ContextAware Event handlers implementing this interface will automatically have the method setContext called before each event.
RuntimeServicesAware Use this interface to automatically have the method setRuntimeServices called at initialization.
TemplateBoolean Any object in the context which implements TemplateBoolean will use the getAsBoolean() method for #if( $ref ) calls.
TemplateNumber Any object in the context which implements TemplateNumber will be treated as a number for the purposes of arithmetic operations and comparison.
TemplateString Any object in the context which implements TemplateString will use the getAsString() method for rendering and empty-checks instead of toString().

Class Summary
ArrayIterator An Iterator wrapper for an Object[].
ArrayListWrapper A class that wraps an array with a List interface.
ClassUtils Simple utility functions for manipulating classes and resources from the classloader.
DuckType Support for getAs() convention for rendering (String), evaluating (Boolean) or doing math with (Number) references.
EnumerationIterator An Iterator wrapper for an Enumeration.
SimplePool Simple object pool.
StringUtils This class provides some methods for dynamically invoking methods in objects, and some string manipulation methods used by torque.

Enum Summary

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