Serialized Form

Package org.apache.velocity.exception

Class org.apache.velocity.exception.MacroOverflowException extends VelocityException implements Serializable

serialVersionUID: 7305635093478106342L

Class org.apache.velocity.exception.MathException extends VelocityException implements Serializable

serialVersionUID: -7966507088645215583L

Class org.apache.velocity.exception.MethodInvocationException extends VelocityException implements Serializable

serialVersionUID: 7305685093478106342L

Serialized Fields


String referenceName


String methodName


int lineNumber


int columnNumber


String templateName

Class org.apache.velocity.exception.ParseErrorException extends VelocityException implements Serializable

serialVersionUID: -6665197935086306472L

Serialized Fields


int columnNumber
The column number of the parsing error, or -1 if not defined.


int lineNumber
The line number of the parsing error, or -1 if not defined.


String templateName
The name of the template containing the error, or null if not defined.


String invalidSyntax
If applicable, contains the invalid syntax or reference that triggered this exception


String msg
If we modify the message, then we set this

Class org.apache.velocity.exception.ResourceNotFoundException extends VelocityException implements Serializable

serialVersionUID: -4287732191458420347L

Class org.apache.velocity.exception.TemplateInitException extends VelocityException implements Serializable

serialVersionUID: -4985224672336070621L

Serialized Fields


String templateName


int col


int line

Class org.apache.velocity.exception.VelocityException extends RuntimeException implements Serializable

serialVersionUID: 1251243065134956045L

Package org.apache.velocity.runtime.directive

Class org.apache.velocity.runtime.directive.MacroParseException extends ParseException implements Serializable

serialVersionUID: -4985224672336070689L

Serialized Fields


String templateName

Class org.apache.velocity.runtime.directive.StopCommand extends Error implements Serializable

serialVersionUID: 2577683435802825964L

Serialized Fields


Object stopMe


boolean nearest

Package org.apache.velocity.runtime.parser

Class org.apache.velocity.runtime.parser.ParseException extends Exception implements Serializable

serialVersionUID: -309603325673449381L

Serialized Fields


boolean specialConstructor
This variable determines which constructor was used to create this object and thereby affects the semantics of the "getMessage" method (see below).


Token currentToken
This is the last token that has been consumed successfully. If this object has been created due to a parse error, the token followng this token will (therefore) be the first error token.


int[][] expectedTokenSequences
Each entry in this array is an array of integers. Each array of integers represents a sequence of tokens (by their ordinal values) that is expected at this point of the parse.


String[] tokenImage
This is a reference to the "tokenImage" array of the generated parser within which the parse error occurred. This array is defined in the generated ...Constants interface.


String eol
The end of line string for this machine.

Class org.apache.velocity.runtime.parser.TemplateParseException extends ParseException implements Serializable

serialVersionUID: -3146323135623083918L

Serialized Fields


String templateName
This is the name of the template which contains the parsing error, or null if not defined.

Class org.apache.velocity.runtime.parser.Token extends Object implements Serializable

serialVersionUID: 1L

Serialized Fields


int kind
An integer that describes the kind of this token. This numbering system is determined by JavaCCParser, and a table of these numbers is stored in the file


int beginLine
The line number of the first character of this Token.


int beginColumn
The column number of the first character of this Token.


int endLine
The line number of the last character of this Token.


int endColumn
The column number of the last character of this Token.


String image
The string image of the token.


Token next
A reference to the next regular (non-special) token from the input stream. If this is the last token from the input stream, or if the token manager has not read tokens beyond this one, this field is set to null. This is true only if this token is also a regular token. Otherwise, see below for a description of the contents of this field.


Token specialToken
This field is used to access special tokens that occur prior to this token, but after the immediately preceding regular (non-special) token. If there are no such special tokens, this field is set to null. When there are more than one such special token, this field refers to the last of these special tokens, which in turn refers to the next previous special token through its specialToken field, and so on until the first special token (whose specialToken field is null). The next fields of special tokens refer to other special tokens that immediately follow it (without an intervening regular token). If there is no such token, this field is null.

Class org.apache.velocity.runtime.parser.TokenMgrError extends Error implements Serializable

serialVersionUID: 1L

Serialized Fields


int errorCode
Indicates the reason why the exception is thrown. It will have one of the above 4 values.

Package org.apache.velocity.util.introspection

Class org.apache.velocity.util.introspection.MethodMap.AmbiguousException extends RuntimeException implements Serializable

serialVersionUID: -2314636505414551663L

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