Jira Report

ABDERA-2 Abdera goes into an infinite loop when feed.getLink( " edit " ); is called Closed Fixed James M Snell
ABDERA-5 Need a way to pretty print feeds Closed Fixed James M Snell
ABDERA-7 IRI tests failing on OS X Closed Fixed Unassigned
ABDERA-9 IRI.toASCIIString() does not support LSIDs Closed Fixed James M Snell
ABDERA-10 [PATCH] [Client] Allow to specify whether a request should use chunked encoding Closed Fixed Unassigned
ABDERA-12 [PATCH] Test for concurrency issues in Entry#setContent Closed Fixed Unassigned
ABDERA-13 NPE in CommonsClient#execute Closed Fixed Unassigned
ABDERA-15 [PATCH] Tests in security module fail because of missing BouncyCastle lib Closed Fixed Unassigned
ABDERA-17 Simplify ParseFilter, Remove Text Filter Open Unresolved James M Snell
ABDERA-18 Remove NamedParser and NamedWriter Closed Won ' t Fix James M Snell
ABDERA-19 Simplify Abdera Configuration Open Unresolved James M Snell
ABDERA-20 The default abdera.getParser() not using the default getFactory() Closed Fixed James M Snell
ABDERA-22 Parser#parse(Reader r) always throws NPE. Closed Fixed Unassigned
ABDERA-23 Lang unit tests fail on Linux w/ Sun JDK Closed Fixed James M Snell
ABDERA-24 NPE thrown on invalid service document Closed Fixed Unassigned
ABDERA-26 in-progress link on homepage is broken Closed Fixed Unassigned
ABDERA-27 used setContentAsXhtml but content body is empty Closed Fixed Garrett Rooney
ABDERA-29 Failure mode when dependencies are missing is totally uninformative Open Unresolved Unassigned
ABDERA-30 Entry.clone does not clone the content type Closed Fixed James M Snell
ABDERA-32 [java][security] X509CRLSelector.getIssueNames() should get a byte array instead of a string represents it if the byte array is addIssuerName() into the X509CRLSelector. Closed Fixed Unassigned
ABDERA-34 This is a test for using JIRA Closed Fixed Unassigned
ABDERA-35 JSONWriter doesn ' t add links correctly Closed Fixed Unassigned
ABDERA-36 javax.imageio.ImageIO.write doesn ' t work with png-images Closed Invalid Unassigned
ABDERA-37 Objects Hierarchy is not supported Closed Invalid Unassigned
ABDERA-38 Document server configuration Closed Fixed Unassigned
ABDERA-39 Selectively disable unit tests that depend on external services Closed Fixed Unassigned
ABDERA-40 entry.getSource().getId() cast exception Closed Fixed Unassigned
ABDERA-41 CSS clean up from Content component Closed Incomplete Unassigned
ABDERA-42 generate the unicode data file during build Open Unresolved James M Snell
ABDERA-43 Prepare i18n dependency for standalone builds Resolved Fixed Unassigned
ABDERA-44 Date with TimeZone doesn ' t work (ex: 2005-12-11T10:10:10+01:00) Open Unresolved Unassigned
ABDERA-45 Test JIRA Closed Fixed Unassigned
ABDERA-46 Memory Leak and Concurency Bug in Factory Open Unresolved James M Snell
ABDERA-47 Incorrect character encoding in XML entry content Resolved Fixed Unassigned
ADDR-1 SoapActionURI compatibility with Axis 1.2 implementation issue Open Unresolved Unassigned
ADDR-2 I ' m not seeing the org.apache.axis.message.addressing.AddressingHeaders.setAction(String uri) exception Open Unresolved Unassigned
ADDR-3 org.apache.axis.message.addressing.AddressingHeaders.setAction(String uri) should support empty string values for uri Open Unresolved Unassigned
ADDR-4 Interop testing with WSE 2.0 Open Unresolved Unassigned
ADDR-5 xmlbeans has taken over the xmlbeans 2 maven plugin. We should use their copy. Open Unresolved Unassigned
ADDR-6 mirror is up and running please add it back to the list Open Unresolved Unassigned
ADDR-7 Make the allowedMethods optional in server.wsdd Open Unresolved Unassigned
ADDR-8 Xerces C++ 2.5.0 Samples Build Failure Resolved Invalid Unassigned
ADDR-9 Upgrade to javamail-1.3.3 Open Unresolved Unassigned
ADDR-10 Update to 2005/08 spec Open Unresolved Unassigned
ADDR-11 axis2_xml_reader_create_for_memory uses xmlReaderForIO; but should use a memory based reader Open Unresolved Unassigned
ADDR-12 java.io.FilePermissions should pay attention to system file separator Open Unresolved Unassigned
ADDR-13 some methods in java.util.Collections don ' t throw NPE when the parameter is null Open Unresolved Unassigned
ADDR-14 change internal implementation of SYSCS_INPLACE_COMPRESS_TABLE to share existing alter table code Open Unresolved Unassigned
ADDR-15 java.nio.charset.CharsetDecoder constructor doesn ' t throw IllegalArgumentException when averageCharsPerByte is greater than maxCharsPerByte. Open Unresolved Unassigned
ADDR-16 Comments in DTD at wrong place Open Unresolved Unassigned
ADDR-17 Extract Reactor from Acceptor and Connector like ACE in C++. Open Unresolved Unassigned
ADDR-18 Incorrect Assertion ID number in org.apache.jdo.tck.api.persistencemanager.fetchplan.FetchPlanTest Open Unresolved Unassigned
ADDR-19 prefix the worker_func in http_svr_thread with axis2_http_svr_thread Open Unresolved Unassigned
ADDR-20 Need a new sample that shows the SCA async programming model Open Unresolved Unassigned
ADDR-21 The HelloWorldWS sample should reuse the Helloworld sample JAR Open Unresolved Unassigned
ADDR-22 JDBC4 methods in the Brokered* classes need to forward their calls Open Unresolved Unassigned
ADDR-23 The timestamp information from the FTPFile[] does not consistently return the Year correctly for the directories being pulled. Open Unresolved Unassigned
ADDR-24 Piggybacking Mappers on the Reducer of the previous job step Open Unresolved Unassigned
ADDR-25 WS-Addressing - checkDuplicateHeaders call in AddressingInHandler not required Resolved Fixed Unassigned
ADDR-26 Derby throws " ERROR XSDG1: Page could not be written to disk, please check if disk is full " when there is 20+ gigs of free space Open Unresolved Unassigned
ADDR-27 Modify DataSource classes of Embedded Driver to seperate DataSource , XADataSource and ConnectionPooledDataSource Open Unresolved Unassigned
ADDR-28 [PATCH]: pthre ad linking issues on non-Linux platforms Open Unresolved Unassigned
ADDR-29 org.apache.xerces.parsers.ObjectFactory$ConfigurationError: Provider org.apache.xerces.parsers.XML11Configuration not found Open Unresolved Unassigned
ADDR-30 org.apache.xerces.parsers.ObjectFactory$ConfigurationError: Provider org.apache.xerces.parsers.XML11Configuration not found Open Unresolved Unassigned
ADDR-31 database-connections.testDB: ***** connection 1 is way too old: 60224 > 60000 Open Unresolved Unassigned
ADDR-32 xuanxuan???bug Open Unresolved Unassigned
ADDR-33 core dump from xercesc_2_5::XMemory::operator new () and xercesc_2_5::MemoryManagerImpl::allocate operations Open Unresolved Unassigned
ADDR-34 QueryParser is not applicable for the arguments (String, String, Analyzer) in results.jsp when executing search in the browser (demo from Lucene 2.0) Open Unresolved Unassigned
ADDR-36 Axis2 1.0 generates incorrect WSDL, Closed Duplicate Unassigned
ADDR-37 Axis2 1.0 generates incorrect WSDL Closed Duplicate Unassigned
ADDR-38 Please upload addressing-SNAPSHOT.jar to a maven repository. Resolved Fixed Unassigned
ADFFACES-1 tableSelectMany may break with non-string row keys Closed Fixed Adam Winer
ADFFACES-2 add init-param to make " dialog:xxx " prefix configurable Closed Fixed Matthias We ß endorf
ADFFACES-3 Disabled styles for NavigationLevel hint= " tabs " are not effectively applied to the DOM Element Closed Fixed Adam Winer
ADFFACES-4 pom.xml has dependencies on code not in a Maven repository Resolved Fixed Adam Winer
ADFFACES-5 SVN Ignore Lists to Prevent Accidental Check-ins/Patches Closed Fixed Adam Winer
ADFFACES-6 Missing name for the ADF Faces donation Closed Fixed Matthias We ß endorf
ADFFACES-7 add defaultSortOrder attribute to < af:column > Resolved Fixed Adam Winer
ADFFACES-8 issue with af:document and afh:html Resolved Invalid Unassigned
ADFFACES-9 Brittleness in RowKeySetImplTest.java and RowKeySetTreeImplTest.java Closed Fixed Adam Winer
ADFFACES-10 in adf-faces-skins.xml you can ' t extend skins defined in AdfFacesFilterImpl ' service ' filters. Closed Fixed Adam Winer
ADFFACES-11 add right-to-left support of skinning styles Closed Fixed Adam Winer
ADFFACES-12 af:tree Need better error message for missing form tag Closed Fixed Adam Winer
ADFFACES-13 value attribute of < h:commandLink > isn ' t used as link label with ADF Faces Closed Fixed Adam Winer
ADFFACES-14 < t:saveState > tomahawk component doesn ' t work with ADF Faces Resolved Fixed Adam Winer
ADFFACES-15 Added XMLMenuModel Closed Fixed Adam Winer
ADFFACES-16 Facelets tags do not support all attributes that JSP tags support Open Unresolved Unassigned
ADFFACES-17 Facelet Converter and Validator Tags Resolved Fixed Unassigned
ADFFACES-18 In TableTree component, column ' s header facet doesn ' t run action invocation and update values of it ' s children. Resolved Fixed Adam Winer
ADFFACES-19 SKINNING: Selector is skipped if there is a space immediately after the open brace. Closed Fixed Matthias We ß endorf
ADFFACES-20 Skinning: Comment inside a selector in skin css generates invalid style. Closed Fixed Matthias We ß endorf
ADFFACES-21 Mis-ordering of statics un UIComponentUINode defeats logging/stacktraces Closed Fixed Matthias We ß endorf
ADFFACES-22 Allow parameter values to take a wider range of types Closed Fixed Adam Winer
ADFFACES-23 Added demo for XMLMenuModel Patch Available Unresolved Unassigned
ADFFACES-24 Using autoSubmit on a text field suppresses the ActionEvent on a button Open Unresolved Unassigned
ADFFACES-25 Typo in maven-i18n-plugin Closed Fixed Matthias We ß endorf
ADFFACES-26 af.taglib.xml file does not conform to DTD Closed Invalid Adam Winer
ADFFACES-27 Add agent and platform support to skinning ' s css file Resolved Fixed Adam Winer
ADFFACES-28 Upgrade JSTL in ADF/Trinidad examples to latest stable release Closed Fixed Adam Winer
ADFFACES-29 Upgrade myfaces-api and myfaces-impl in ADF Faces/Trinidad examples to latest stable release Resolved Fixed Matthias We ß endorf