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Uses of BaseTestCase in org.apache.velocity.test

Subclasses of BaseTestCase in org.apache.velocity.test
 class AbsoluteFileResourceLoaderTestCase
          Test use of an absolute path with the FileResourceLoader
 class AnakiaTestCase
          This is a test case for Anakia.
 class ArrayMethodsTestCase
          Used to check that method calls on Array references work properly and that they produce the same results as the same methods would on a fixed-size List.
 class BlockMacroTestCase
          This class tests the BlockMacro functionality.
 class BreakDirectiveTestCase
          This class tests the break directive.
 class BrokenTestCase
          This class tests unfixed issues.
 class BuiltInEventHandlerTestCase
          Tests the operation of the built in event handlers.
 class ClasspathResourceTestCase
          Load templates from the Classpath.
 class CommentsTestCase
          Test comments
 class CommonsExtPropTestCase
          Tests for the Commons ExtendedProperties class.
 class ContextSafetyTestCase
          Tests if we are context safe : can we switch objects in the context and re-merge the template safely.
 class DefineTestCase
          This class tests the #define directive
 class EncodingTestCase
          Tests input encoding handling.
 class EvaluateTestCase
          Test #evaluate directive.
 class ExceptionTestCase
          Test case for miscellaneous Exception related issues.
 class FilteredEventHandlingTestCase
          Tests event handling for all event handlers when multiple event handlers are assigned for each type.
 class ForeachTestCase
          This class tests the Foreach loop.
 class IfNullTestCase
          Used to check that nulls are properly handled in #if statements
 class IncludeErrorTestCase
          Test that #parse and #include pass errors to calling code.
 class IncludeEventHandlingTestCase
          Tests event handling
 class IndexTestCase
          Test index syntax e.g, $foo[1]
 class InfoTestCase
          Test that the Info class in the Introspector holds the correct information.
 class InlineScopeVMTestCase
          Tests if the VM template-locality is working.
 class Introspector2TestCase
          Test case for the Velocity Introspector which tests the ability to find a 'best match'
 class Introspector3TestCase
          Simple introspector test case for primitive problem found in 1.3
 class IntrospectorTestCase
          Test case for the Velocity Introspector which uses the Java Reflection API to determine the correct signature of the methods used in VTL templates.
 class MacroForwardDefineTestCase
          Make sure that a forward referenced macro inside another macro definition does not report an error in the log.
 class MethodOverloadingTestCase
          Test a reported bug in which method overloading throws IllegalArgumentException after a null return value.
 class MiscTestCase
          Test case for any miscellaneous stuff.
 class MultiLoaderTestCase
          Load templates from the Classpath.
 class MultipleFileResourcePathTestCase
          Multiple paths in the file resource loader.
 class ParseExceptionTestCase
          Test parser exception is generated with appropriate info.
 class ParseWithMacroLibsTestCase
          Test case for including macro libraries via the #parse method.
 class PropertyMethodPrecedenceTestCase
          Used to check that vararg method calls on references work properly
 class ResourceCachingTestCase
          Test resource caching related issues.
 class ResourceExistsTestCase
          Test the resource exists method
 class ResourceLoaderInstanceTestCase
          Test that an instance of a ResourceLoader can be successfully passed in.
 class ScopeTestCase
          This class tests the directive scope controls
 class SecureIntrospectionTestCase
          Checks that the secure introspector is working properly.
 class SetTestCase
          Test that an instance of a ResourceLoader can be successfully passed in.
 class StaticUtilityMethodsTestCase
          This class tests support for putting static utility classes like java.lang.Math directly into the context in order to use their methods.
 class StopDirectiveTestCase
          Test the #stop directive
 class StrictCompareTestCase
          Make sure exceptions are thrown for strict comparisons that cannot be compared.
 class StrictEscapeTestCase
          Test Strict escape mode property: RuntimeConstants.RUNTIME_REFERENCES_STRICT_ESCAPE set to true
 class StrictForeachTestCase
          This class tests support for strict foreach mode.
 class StrictMathTestCase
          This class tests support for strict math mode.
 class StrictReferenceTestCase
          Test strict reference mode turned on by the velocity property runtime.references.strict
 class StringConcatenationTestCase
          This class tests support for string concatenation.
 class StringResourceLoaderTestCase
          Multiple paths in the file resource loader.
 class TemplateTestCase
          Easily add test cases which evaluate templates and check their output.
 class TestBaseTestCase
          I keep breaking the getFileName method all the time...
 class TexenClasspathTestCase
          This is a test case for Texen.
 class TexenTestCase
          This is a test case for Texen.
 class TextblockTestCase
          This class tests the Textblock directive.
 class UberspectorTestCase
 class UnicodeEscapeTestCase
          Test Case for Velocity Tools Issue 520.
 class URLResourceLoaderTimeoutTestCase
          This class tests support for custom timeouts in URLResourceLoader.
 class VarargMethodsTestCase
          Used to check that vararg method calls on references work properly
 class VelocityAppTestCase
          This class is intended to test the class.
 class VMContextLocalscopeTestCase
          Tests scope of velocimacros with localscope setting.
 class VMLibraryTestCase
          Macro library inclution via the Template.merge method is tested using this class.
 class WrappedExceptionTestCase
          Test thrown exceptions include a proper cause (under JDK 1.4+).

Uses of BaseTestCase in org.apache.velocity.test.issues

Subclasses of BaseTestCase in org.apache.velocity.test.issues
 class Velocity355And552TestCase
          This class tests VELOCITY-355 and its twin, VELOCITY-552.
 class Velocity532TestCase
          This class tests VELOCITY-532.
 class Velocity537TestCase
          Test Case for Velocity Issue 537.
 class Velocity544TestCase
 class Velocity579TestCase
          This class tests VELOCITY-579 and with some related stuff from VELOCITY-70 thrown in.
 class Velocity580TestCase
          Test Case for Velocity Issue 580.
 class Velocity587TestCase
          This class tests VELOCITY-587.
 class Velocity589TestCase
          This class tests VELOCITY-589.
 class Velocity614TestCase
          This class tests VELOCITY-614.
 class Velocity615TestCase
          This class tests VELOCITY-615.
 class Velocity616TestCase
          This class tests VELOCITY-616.
 class Velocity625TestCase
          This class tests VELOCITY-625.
 class Velocity627TestCase
          This class tests VELOCITY-627.
 class Velocity629TestCase
          This class tests VELOCITY-629.
 class Velocity62TestCase
          This class tests VELOCITY-62.
 class Velocity630TestCase
          This class tests VELOCITY-630.
 class Velocity631TestCase
          This class tests VELOCITY-631.
 class Velocity644TestCase
          This class tests VELOCITY-644.
 class Velocity667TestCase
          This class tests VELOCITY-667.
 class Velocity682TestCase
          This class tests VELOCITY-682.
 class Velocity689TestCase
          This class tests VELOCITY-689.
 class Velocity701TestCase
          This class tests VELOCITY-701.
 class Velocity702TestCase
          This class tests VELOCITY-702.
 class Velocity709TestCase
          This class tests VELOCITY-709.
 class Velocity727TestCase
          This class tests VELOCITY-727.
 class Velocity728TestCase
          This class tests VELOCITY-728.
 class Velocity729TestCase
          This class tests VELOCITY-729.
 class Velocity730TestCase
          This class tests VELOCITY-730.
 class Velocity736TestCase
          This class tests VELOCITY-736.
 class Velocity742TestCase
          This class tests VELOCITY-742.
 class Velocity753TestCase
          This class tests VELOCITY-753.
 class Velocity755TestCase
          This class tests VELOCITY-755.
 class Velocity758TestCase
          This class tests VELOCITY-758.
 class VelTools66TestCase
          Test Case for Velocity Tools Issue 66.

Uses of BaseTestCase in org.apache.velocity.test.sql

Subclasses of BaseTestCase in org.apache.velocity.test.sql
 class BaseSQLTest
          A base class to implement tests that need a running Velocity engine and an initialized Hsql Database.
 class DataSourceResourceLoaderTestCase

Uses of BaseTestCase in org.apache.velocity.test.util.introspection

Subclasses of BaseTestCase in org.apache.velocity.test.util.introspection
 class ChainedUberspectorsTestCase
          Tests uberspectors chaining
 class ClassMapTestCase
          Test the ClassMap Lookup

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