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Packages that use TemplateInitException

Uses of TemplateInitException in org.apache.velocity

Methods in org.apache.velocity that throw TemplateInitException
 void Template.initDocument()
          initializes the document.

Uses of TemplateInitException in org.apache.velocity.runtime.directive

Methods in org.apache.velocity.runtime.directive that throw TemplateInitException
 void Foreach.init(RuntimeServices rs, InternalContextAdapter context, Node node)
          simple init - init the tree and get the elementKey from the AST
 void Include.init(RuntimeServices rs, InternalContextAdapter context, Node node)
          simple init - init the tree and get the elementKey from the AST
 void Directive.init(RuntimeServices rs, InternalContextAdapter context, Node node)
          How this directive is to be initialized.
 void Macro.init(RuntimeServices rs, InternalContextAdapter context, Node node)
 void Literal.init(RuntimeServices rs, InternalContextAdapter context, Node node)
          Store the literal rendition of a node using the Node.literal().
 void VelocimacroProxy.init(RuntimeServices rs, InternalContextAdapter context, Node node)
          The major meat of VelocimacroProxy, init() checks the # of arguments, patches the macro body, renders the macro into an AST, and then inits the AST, so it is ready for quick rendering.

Uses of TemplateInitException in org.apache.velocity.runtime.parser.node

Methods in org.apache.velocity.runtime.parser.node that throw TemplateInitException
 Object ASTMethod.init(InternalContextAdapter context, Object data)
          simple init - init our subtree and get what we can from the AST
 Object ASTDirective.init(InternalContextAdapter context, Object data)
 Object ASTSetDirective.init(InternalContextAdapter context, Object data)
          simple init.
 Object ASTStringLiteral.init(InternalContextAdapter context, Object data)
          init : we don't have to do much.
 Object ASTIdentifier.init(InternalContextAdapter context, Object data)
          simple init - don't do anything that is context specific.
 Object Node.init(InternalContextAdapter context, Object data)
 Object ASTIntegerLiteral.init(InternalContextAdapter context, Object data)
 Object ASTFloatingPointLiteral.init(InternalContextAdapter context, Object data)
          Initialization method - doesn't do much but do the object creation.
 Object ASTReference.init(InternalContextAdapter context, Object data)
 Object SimpleNode.init(InternalContextAdapter context, Object data)
 Object ASTText.init(InternalContextAdapter context, Object data)

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