Apache Velocity Project Board report for November 2006

Velocity Top Level move

The Velocity project is excited about its move out from the Jakarta umbrella and onto top-level status.

The board decided to establish the Apache Velocity project on Oct 25th and appointed Henning Schmiedehausen (henning@apache.org) as Vice President, Velocity and chair of the Velocity PMC.

Ever since then, we have started to migrate our web site, mailing lists and repositories out of the Jakarta umbrella. With help from the infrastructure team, we currently have moved all mailing lists onto velocity.apache.org, created the private@ and general@ lists and started migrating the web site (we already have velocity.apache.org but it is currently redirecting to the jakarta site). We hope to finish the migration until the end of November.

General information

Some talk with the Click project (click.sf.net), which is a framework centered around Velocity, has taken place to bring Click through the incubator into the Velocity project. There has been enthusiasm on the Click side and from us, but we have not taken any steps yet, because we wanted to let the dust from the top level move settle first.

Velocity Engine project

The 'velocity' project has been renamed the 'Velocity Engine project' a while ago. What is commonly known as "Velocity" is actually the templating engine.

The Velocity Engine team is pushing heavily towards the 1.5 release. We have released one beta and will be releasing our second (and hopefully last) beta this week (we already voted on it). We expect an RC until the end of November and plan for a final release very early Q1 2007 (both Will and Henning attended Sally's PR talk @ ApacheCon US and we tried to understand the value of good release timing). We also plan sort of a "mini PR campaign" similar to the press releases issued at AC US. We will get in contact with the PRC once the RC is out.

The code base itself has seen a steady progression; we were able to triage and sort all of the issue reports in JIRA and prioritize them nicely. The number of open issues is steadily going down so we expect the 1.5 release to be the best Velocity release ever.

There has been work on a docbook based Documentation (User Guide, Developers Guide), which in turn has spawned a docbook framework which might usable outside Velocity as a general purpose documentation framework.

Velocity Tools project

Velocity Tools is working through a short backlog of patch contributions and bugs hoping to get a 1.3 version released before Velocity Engine 1.5 goes final. It's also the plan to test VelocityStruts 1.3 against Struts 1.3 for compatibility. Velocity Tools 1.3 is likely to be the last major release in the 1.x line, as the development team already started planning for version 2.

Velocity DVSL

There were no changes on the DVSL code base in the last few months. DVSL currently has no active developers, but we do apply the odd patch. All issue reports against DVSL were triaged and checked but there are no immediate plans to do a DVSL release unless one of the contributors steps up or strong desire for a release is shown on the user list.