Apache Velocity Project Board report for January 2007

General information

We have moved out of the Jakarta umbrella and cut almost all ties.

The TLP now has an official web site at velocity.apache.org with sub-websites for all projects.

The Velocity project currently has no board-level issues at this time.

No new committers were voted in since the last board report. No new PMC members were voted in since the last board report.

A short discussion on the PMC list revealed that a number of "emeritus committers" fell off the boat when we moved out of Jakarta. These are now recognized in an "Emeriti" section on the web site. The PMC discussed about re-granting committer status if any of these emeritus committers decides to ask about it.

Velocity Engine project

Development towards the next major release, 1.5 continues. A CfV date has been proposed (21st January).

No beta or final releases were made since the last board report.

Velocity Tools project

VelocityTools 1.3-beta1 has been voted and released on December 21st.

A new test framework and minor tool enhancements have been checked in since. It doesn't appear likely that we'll need another beta. The hope is for an RC by end of January and a final in early February.

Velocity DVSL

There were no changes in the DVSL code base. No DVSL development happened in the last month.