Apache Velocity Project Board report for November 2007

Velocity remains a mature product with spurts of developer activity. Developers and power users remain present on the mailing lists. The user list averages 1-2 questions a day from new users, of which almost all are answered immediately.

We've been struggling a little with Gump issues in the past month. Commons Lang subtly changed the spec for an API call ( https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/LANG-363 ) which caused one of the unit tests in Velocity to fail. The lack of debuggability of the gump run led to some very inelegant print statements scattered throughout the unit test until the specific failure was isolated. Very old-style coding. (change a line, wait a day for gump, change a line, wait a day). We still have a Texen gump failure, though hoping to get that straightened out soon.

The Velocity project currently has no board-level issues at this time.

Community Changes

No new committers were voted in since the last board report. No new PMC members were voted in since the last board report.

Velocity Engine

There's been some minor activity improving various syntax issues (i.e. adding variable arguments) and fixing user-reported bugs.

No beta or final releases were made since the last board report.

Velocity Tools

Velocity Tools is currently the most active project, with development focused on the new 2.0 branch. This is in alpha and moving towards beta. We had a brief discussion on the dev lists whether to continue supporting the 1.x branch (currently on version 1.3), or urge users to adopt 2.0 when it is released. The consensus was to release a 1.3.1 version with minor updates and fixes, then retire that branch. (Seemed the practical direction given the straight-forward upgrade path from 1.3 to 2 and the interests of our small developer community). We hope to release both 2.0-beta1 and 1.3.1 by January.

Velocity Docbook

We committed our first user-submitted patch (DBF-1). Otherwise this product remains stable. It appears to be primarily used internally though there are occasional queries and comments about it on the user list.

Velocity Anakia

No activity this past quarter.

Velocity DVSL

No activity this past quarter.

Velocity Texen

There was a small amount of activity fixing bugs and adding user-submitted patches from JIRA. If enough patches and updates get submitted we will release a version 1.1 by the next quarter.

Texen currently has an unresolved Gump issue (see above).