Velocity Site Tools

Here are a number of Maven-2 related projects located that are used when generating and maintaining the Velocity Site.

Velocity Site Doxia Renderer

This is a Maven plugin that is used to generate parts of the site not from static APT or Xdoc files but from Velocity templates.

Most prominently, the Who we are and Contact Us pages benefit from this as their information can be kept at a central place (the Site POM) and gets read and parsed from there.

Velocity Site News Plugin

This is a Maven plugin that allows you to keep news items in a XML file and displayed at various parts of your site.

It also registers a Doxia macro with the Renderer which is responsible for generating the list of news teasers on the cover page of the web site.

The plugin runs as a report plugin and writes the actual News Report and also generates a RSS feed file for subscribing to your site news.

Velocity Site Skin

The skin contains the 'look-and-feel' of the Velocity site. As we also use a custom template to render out the pages, we were able to sneak a RSS auto-subscription link into the header of each page, thus showing up the RSS feed in all Velocity site pages.