Class LogSystemCommonsLog

  extended by
      extended by
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Deprecated. Use LogChuteCommonsLog instead

public class LogSystemCommonsLog
extends LogChuteCommonsLog

Redirects commons-logging messages to Velocity's LogSystem.

This is basically an empty subclass of LogChuteCommmonsLog that exists merely for backwards compatibility with VelocityTools 1.x. Please use LogChuteCommonsLog directly, as this will likely be removed in VelocityTools 2.1, if not earlier.

$Id: 534682 2007-05-03 01:50:54Z nbubna $

Constructor Summary
Method Summary
static void setVelocityEngine( target)
          Deprecated. Use LogChuteCommonsLog.setVelocityLog(Log target) instead
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Constructor Detail


public LogSystemCommonsLog()
Method Detail


public static void setVelocityEngine( target)
Deprecated. Use LogChuteCommonsLog.setVelocityLog(Log target) instead

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