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Packages that use DefaultKey Contains a collection of reusable, general-purpose "tools" for Velocity. 

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Classes in with annotations of type DefaultKey
 class AlternatorTool
          Simple tool to provide easy in-template instantiation of Alternators from varying "list" types or individual arguments.
 class ClassTool
           This tool is meant to simplify reflective lookup of information about a Class and its Fields, Methods, and Constructors.
 class ContextTool
          Tool for convenient access to Context data and meta-data.
 class ConversionTool
          Utility class for easy conversion of String values to richer types.
 class DateTool
          Tool for working with Date and Calendar in Velocity templates.
 class DisplayTool
          Provides general utility methods for controlling the display of references.
 class EscapeTool
          Tool for working with escaping in Velocity templates.
 class FieldTool
           This is a simple tools class to allow easy access to static fields in a class, such as string constants from within a template.
 class IteratorTool
          Deprecated. Use LoopTool instead
 class LinkTool
          The LinkTool provides many methods to work with URIs and can help you: construct full URIs (opaque, absolute or relative) encode and decode URLs (part or whole) retrieve path info for the current request and more..
 class ListTool
 class LoopTool
           A convenience tool to use with #foreach loops.
 class MarkupTool
          NOTE: This tools is considered "alpha" quality due to lack of testing and a generally unpolished API.
 class MathTool
          Tool for performing math in Velocity.
 class NumberTool
          Tool for working with Number in Velocity templates.
 class RenderTool
          This tool exposes methods to evaluate the given strings as VTL (Velocity Template Language) using either a pre-configured context or one you provide directly.
 class ResourceTool
          Tool for accessing ResourceBundles and formatting messages therein.
 class SortTool
          SortTool allows a user to sort a collection (or array, iterator, etc) on any arbitary set of properties exposed by the objects contained within the collection.
 class ValueParser
          Utility class for easy parsing of String values held in a Map.

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