4. Developer information


First take a look at the MANIFEST file in the root directory to get an idea what is in this package and what the various files are supposed to do.

4.1 ant files

The build.xml file in your documentation directory contains only the driver targets for rendering the documentation. The actual work is done through targets defined in the build-docbook.xml ant file in the DocBook Framework.

This file normally should not be changed! If you have to, please let us know, so we can incorporate your changes and/or bug fixes into the main distribution.

build-docbook.xml contains three main targets: pdf, html and htmlsingle. Each is responsible for rendering a format. If you want to add another format, please style your new target similar to these.

All default settings are kept in the docbook.properties file in the root directory. There should be no need to change these properties, they can be customized in your project directory by using a project.properties file.