Jira Report

VELOCITY-21 Why is Context orthogonal to the Collections API Closed Fixed Velocity-Dev List
VELOCITY-24 calls to local macros not always made when template caching is off Resolved Fixed Henning Schmiedehausen
VELOCITY-25 Does not leave character # alone. Resolved Cannot Reproduce Velocity-Dev List
VELOCITY-43 can ' t parse text immediately after #else Resolved Fixed Velocity-Dev List
VELOCITY-71 False positive error condition parsing VM_global_library.vm Resolved Fixed Unassigned
VELOCITY-75 Send all log output to System.out in the event that Avalon or whatever can ' t be loaded. Resolved Fixed Unassigned
VELOCITY-77 build task jar-J2EE should not check for j2ee.jar Resolved Fixed Unassigned
VELOCITY-78 SimpleLog4JLogSystem closes appenders Resolved Fixed Unassigned
VELOCITY-81 org.apache.velocity.util.StringUtils.chop(String s, int i, String eol) assumes too much about EOL string Resolved Invalid Unassigned
VELOCITY-85 Logging too verbose when used with Log4J Resolved Fixed Unassigned
VELOCITY-90 Break / return statement Resolved Incomplete Velocity-Dev List
VELOCITY-91 Backwards compatability lost on templates with 1.3 Resolved Cannot Reproduce Velocity-Dev List
VELOCITY-98 #parse / #include causing ClassCastException Resolved Fixed Unassigned
VELOCITY-108 Use of Velocimacro forward reference and/or recursion causes error messages Resolved Duplicate Unassigned
VELOCITY-116 Error in Developer Guide Resolved Fixed Velocity-Dev List
VELOCITY-121 test output looks different than install.html Closed Won ' t Fix Velocity-Dev List
VELOCITY-126 String containing ' ## ' is treated as unterminated String. Resolved Fixed Unassigned
VELOCITY-132 IllegalArgumentException while calling an overloaded method Resolved Invalid Unassigned
VELOCITY-144 Allow absolute filename with FileResourceLoader Resolved Fixed Unassigned
VELOCITY-147 Version information missing from MANIFEST.MF file. Resolved Fixed Unassigned
VELOCITY-150 Memory leak in resource loader Resolved Fixed Velocity-Dev List
VELOCITY-151 RuntimeInstance.setDefaultProperties() codepage problem Resolved Fixed Unassigned
VELOCITY-152 Map creation syntax for VTL code Resolved Fixed Velocity-Dev List
VELOCITY-154 [PATCH ] Relative resource loading for #i nclude and #parse Resolved Fixed Unassigned
VELOCITY-157 velocityEngine.init opens velocity.log multiple times Resolved Fixed Unassigned
VELOCITY-159 Not possible to get Velocity to log stack traces. Resolved Fixed Unassigned
VELOCITY-164 org.apache.log4j.Category is deprecated Resolved Fixed Velocity-Dev List
VELOCITY-166 avoid setting up file logging Resolved Fixed Unassigned
VELOCITY-176 DataSourceResourceLoader throws null pointer exception Resolved Fixed Velocity-Dev List
VELOCITY-179 prevent execution of methods on Class, ClassLoader and related classes Resolved Fixed Will Glass-Husain
VELOCITY-180 new event handler for input directives (#parse, #include) Resolved Duplicate Velocity-Dev List
VELOCITY-182 Corrections to README.txt for example #2 Resolved Won ' t Fix Unassigned
VELOCITY-183 StringResourceLoader Resolved Fixed Unassigned
VELOCITY-186 #set does not allow to assign nulls---cannot it be changed? Resolved Fixed Will Glass-Husain
VELOCITY-187 TexenTask javadoc does not match source code for its inheritance from Ant Task Resolved Fixed Unassigned
VELOCITY-188 AnakiaTask does not store templatePath if props file found. Resolved Fixed Velocity-Dev List
VELOCITY-191 UnicodeFileResourceLoader for Win2k Notepad UTF-8 files Resolved Fixed Henning Schmiedehause n
VELOCITY-192 #if directory and long values Resolved Won ' t Fix Velocity-Dev List
VELOCITY-193 Memory/logger leak with multiple VelocityEngine instances Resolved Fixed Unassigned
VELOCITY-196 ClasspathResourceLoader uses wrong ClassLoader Resolved Fixed Velocity-Dev List
VELOCITY-199 java.lang.ClassCastException: ' cache ' doesn ' t map to a Boolean object Resolved Fixed Unassigned
VELOCITY-214 References to non-public members (inner classes, fields, etc.) should log a warning rather than failing silently Resolved Won ' t Fix Unassigned
VELOCITY-215 SimpleLog4JLogSystem property lookup should come from RuntimeConstants Resolved Fixed Unassigned
VELOCITY-216 Thread safety fault in Directives when Template caching on Resolved Invalid Unassigned
VELOCITY-218 #stop in conditions is not working Resolved Fixed Velocity-Dev List
VELOCITY-219 Velocity list operator should return a Java List reference rather than ArrayList reference Resolved Invalid Unassigned
VELOCITY-221 [patch ] allow multi-line directives Closed Fixed Velocity-Dev List
VELOCITY-222 [patch ] add javacc task to build.xml Resolved Fixed Unassigned
VELOCITY-224 Mention in docs that VelocityServlet is deprecated Resolved Fixed Daniel Rall
VELOCITY-228 floating point number capability Resolved Duplicate Velocity-Dev List
VELOCITY-233 Documentation and examples do not work and are misleading Resolved Fixed Unassigned
VELOCITY-239 #foreach (${item} in ${list}) behavior inconsistent with #foreach ($item in $list) Closed Fixed Velocity-Dev List
VELOCITY-259 Can ' t see a reason why Velocity.mergeTemplate(String,Context,Writer) is deprecated Resolved Fixed Unassigned
VELOCITY-260 patch to event handling configuration / new event handlers Resolved Fixed Unassigned
VELOCITY-262 #set not parsed in #macro Resolved Fixed Henning Schmiedehausen
VELOCITY-267 Create a DataSourceResourceLoader that can be wired to the datasource with IoC Resolved Fixed Unassigned
VELOCITY-272 EOF exception when last line is commented out and has no new line at end Resolved Fixed Unassigned
VELOCITY-274 Errant space in velocity.properties file can cause classpath resource loader to fail Resolved Fixed Unassigned
VELOCITY-282 properties file name change not documented Resolved Fixed Velocity-Dev List
VELOCITY-284 MethodInvocationException is handled inconsistently Resolved Fixed Will Glass-Husain
VELOCITY-285 reference within macro and foreach is incorrect Resolved Fixed Henning Schmiedehausen
VELOCITY-304 UberspectImpl#getPropertyGet should return null when not found Resolved Fixed Unassigned
VELOCITY-324 Cannot compile Velocity with JDK 1.5 due to use of the newly-reserved word " enum " Resolved Fixed Daniel Rall
VELOCITY-326 forumdemo web.xml Resolved Won ' t Fix Unassigned
VELOCITY-336 Can ' t pass a Map to a method. Resolved Fixed Unassigned
VELOCITY-350 Base Equality on toString() when operands are of different classes Resolved Fixed Unassigned
VELOCITY-358 Add documetation for the #literal directive Resolved Fixed Unassigned
VELOCITY-359 #if(some expression)#end causes ParseException Resolved Fixed Unassigned
VELOCITY-360 Logger error with multiple Velocity engines Resolved Duplicate Unassigned
VELOCITY-366 Need verification of velocity templates to assure that non-UTF-8 characters are flagged for repair Resolved Cannot Reproduce Henning Schmiedehausen
VELOCITY-370 NullPointerException in Introspector.java Resolved Fixed Unassigned
VELOCITY-373 Enhance ParseErrorException Resolved Fixed Unassigned
VELOCITY-374 VE throws NPE if not initialized Resolved Fixed Unassigned
VELOCITY-379 foreach should generalise for Iterable, not just Collection Resolved Fixed Henning Schmiedehausen
VELOCITY-381 Silent Failure of a toString that return null Resolved Fixed Unassigned
VELOCITY-382 getResourceStream returns null instead of throwing an ResourceNotFoundException Resolved Fixed Unassigned
VELOCITY-383 Non thread-safe Template object can cause NPE under heavy concurrent load Resolved Fixed Henning Schmiedehausen
VELOCITY-389 IllegalArgumentException while calling an overloaded method Resolved Invalid Unassigned
VELOCITY-390 add MANIFEST.MF to build Resolved Fixed Unassigned
VELOCITY-393 site.vsl errors Resolved Fixed Unassigned
VELOCITY-400 Move Contrib folder to Wiki Resolved Fixed Unassigned
VELOCITY-401 remove all J2EE build tasks Resolved Fixed Henning Schmiedehausen
VELOCITY-403 Enhance Velocity ' s LogSystem and internal use thereof Resolved Fixed Will Glass-Husain
VELOCITY-404 Uberspect - info is created wrong / premature blocking of invalid methods Resolved Fixed Will Glass-Husain
VELOCITY-405 Document new Event Handler features Resolved Fixed Will Glass-Husain
VELOCITY-408 Gump failure in test-clean target - can ' t find testcases.xml file Resolved Fixed Unassigned
VELOCITY-409 Convert Exceptions to RuntimeExceptions Resolved Fixed Unassigned
VELOCITY-410 Revise changelog.xml Resolved Fixed Will Glass-Husain
VELOCITY-411 org.apache.velocity.app.event.implement.EscapeReference needs a guard against NPE Resolved Fixed Unassigned
VELOCITY-412 Enable access to application attributes Resolved Fixed Unassigned
VELOCITY-414 Extend the MethodInvocation exception to be able to give the velocity macro writer a usefull error page Resolved Fixed Henning Schmiedehausen
VELOCITY-415 Wrong link to the SVN repository on the site main page Resolved Fixed Unassigned
VELOCITY-416 VTL Reference include directive ' s explanation is wrong Resolved Fixed Unassigned
VELOCITY-417 add log attribute to ant task and " stringUtils " to context Resolved Fixed Unassigned
VELOCITY-418 FileInputStreams are not being closed so webapps cannot be undeployed. Resolved Fixed Unassigned
VELOCITY-420 Library download failure when started by ' ant jar jar-src ' Resolved Fixed Henning Schmiedehausen
VELOCITY-421 Downloaded libraries are checked twice when started by ' ant jar jar-src ' Resolved Won ' t Fix Unassigned
VELOCITY-423 Report invalid references Resolved Fixed Will Glass-Husain
VELOCITY-424 directive.Parse eating RuntimeException Resolved Fixed Henning Schmiedehausen
VELOCITY-425 wrapped exceptions should have causes Resolved Fixed Unassigned
VELOCITY-426 move of Node object broke compatibility with custom directives Resolved Fixed Henning Schmiedehausen
VELOCITY-429 Pass through runtime exceptions Resolved Fixed Will Glass-Husain
VELOCITY-430 Allow commas or spaces to separate macro arguments Resolved Fixed Will Glass-Husain
VELOCITY-431 " Its " has an apostrophe where it shouldn ' t, throughout the documentation Resolved Fixed Unassigned
VELOCITY-432 #stop produces unexpected results when used with #parse Resolved Fixed Unassigned
VELOCITY-433 Replace parser pool Resolved Fixed Unassigned
VELOCITY-435 ParseErrorException not thrown with #macro parse error Resolved Fixed Will Glass-Husain
VELOCITY-436 Remove " Exception " type throwing. Resolved Fixed Unassigned
VELOCITY-438 toString is called twice on references Resolved Fixed Unassigned
VELOCITY-449 Velocity Uberspector behaves differently for get(String) and put(String, Object) methods Resolved Fixed Unassigned
VELOCITY-453 [PATCH ] Fix IntrospectionCacheData caching Resolved Fixed Will Glass-Husain
VELOCITY-456 Uberspector chokes on a number of corner cases Resolved Fixed Henning Schmiedehausen
VELOCITY-457 documentation mistake? order of Velocimacros in template Resolved Invalid Unassigned
VELOCITY-458 InternalContextBase defines non-serializable non-transient fields Resolved Fixed Unassigned
VELOCITY-459 localscope doesn ' t allow get to leak Resolved Fixed Will Glass-Husain
VELOCITY-461 Class loading issue Resolved Fixed Unassigned
VELOCITY-462 Change headers in source files to comply with new license header policy Resolved Fixed Henning Schmiedehausen
VELOCITY-469 Spaces in velocimacro.library hard to troubleshoot Resolved Duplicate Unassigned
VELOCITY-475 Javadocs for SecureUberspector are not correct. Resolved Fixed Unassigned
VELOCITY-477 DOCTYPE url correction in veltag.tld Resolved Fixed Unassigned
VELOCITY-493 RuntimeInstance.getProperty() should check overridingProperties when not yet initialized Resolved Fixed Henning Schmiedehausen
VELOCITY-494 Fix up small documentation issues Resolved Fixed Unassigned
VELOCITY-495 Gump is failing due to missing HSQLDB jars Resolved Fixed Unassigned
VELOCITY-501 Building Velocity on JDK 1.3.1 throws java.lang.ClassCircularityError Resolved Fixed Henning Schmiedeh ausen
VELOCITY-502 Skip jar verification unless " force.jar.loading " is true Resolved Fixed Henning Schmiedehausen
VELOCITY-503 Method arguments are evaluated twice Resolved Fixed Henning Schmiedehausen
VELOCITY-504 Call to evaluate inside of macro fails with 1.5 beta2 Resolved Won ' t Fix Henning Schmiedehausen
VELOCITY-507 ant package embeds local path info into TemplateTestBase.java Resolved Fixed Will Glass-Husain
VELOCITY-508 MacroForwardDefineTestCase fails when built/run under JDK 1.3.1 Resolved Fixed Will Glass-Husain
VELOCITY-514 Rendering a template with inline macro concurrently causes VM error : Null AST Resolved Fixed Henning Schmiedehausen
VELOCITY-515 how to handlae velosity projects for open source step by step Closed Invalid Unassigned
VELOCITY-516 SecureUberspector doesn ' t work with #foreach (iterators) Resolved Fixed Henning Schmiedehausen
VELOCITY-518 Veloctiy poms should have a < licenses > section Resolved Fixed Unassigned
VELOCITY-523 http://velocity.apache.org/engine/releases/velocity-1.4/index.html is actually 3.1.1 documentation Resolved Fixed Unassigned