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GenericTools contains a collection of reusable and well documented tools and utility classes of general interest to Velocity users. These classes and tools have no dependency on the VelocityView or VelocityStruts sub-projects. The tools may be used as you would any other POJO ("plain old java object").


A tool for manipulating and formatting dates.
A tool for performing floating point math.
A tool for formatting numbers.
A tool to evaluate and render arbitrary strings of VTL (Velocity Template Language).
A tool to help with common escaping needs in Velocity templates.
A tool to simplify access to ResourceBundles for internationalization or other dynamic content needs.
Alternator and AlternatorTool
Utility class for easily alternating over values in a list and tool for easy creation of Alternators in templates.
A tool to retrieve and parse String values pulled from a map. This provides the basis for the ParameterParser in VelocityView.
A tool to help when working with arrays or Lists. This tool transparently handles both the same way.
A tool that allows a user to sort a collection (or array, iterator, etc) on any arbitary set of properties exposed by the objects contained within the collection.
A convenience tool to use with #foreach loops. It wraps a list to let the designer specify a condition to terminate the loop, and reuse the same list in different loops.

An implementation of Velocity's LogSystem interface that redirects log output to a Commons-Logging Log instance.
An implementation of Commons-Logging's Log interface that redirects log output to Velocity's LogSystem.


We welcome your contributions to this library. Patches can be sent to the mailing list or attached to a JIRA issue. The Wiki can also be a good place to discuss and develop ideas.

Checklist for Contributions

  • Velocity coding conventions
  • JavaDoc included (the more detailed the better)
  • Examples included (in JavaDoc or as stand-alone template example)

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