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Uses of NodeList in org.apache.velocity.anakia

Methods in org.apache.velocity.anakia that return NodeList
 NodeList TreeWalker.allElements(Element e)
          Creates a new Vector and walks the Element tree.
 NodeList XPathTool.applyTo(String xpathSpec, Document doc)
          Apply an XPath to a JDOM Document
 NodeList XPathTool.applyTo(String xpathSpec, Element elem)
          Apply an XPath to a JDOM Element
 NodeList XPathTool.applyTo(String xpathSpec, List nodeSet)
          Apply an XPath to a nodeset
 NodeList NodeList.selectNodes(String xpathString)
          Applies an XPath expression to the node list and returns the resulting node list.
 NodeList AnakiaElement.selectNodes(String xpathExpression)
          Applies an XPath expression to this element and returns the resulting node list.

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