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Methods in with parameters of type RuntimeServices
static String EventHandlerUtil.includeEvent(RuntimeServices rsvc, InternalContextAdapter context, String includeResourcePath, String currentResourcePath, String directiveName)
          Called when an include-type directive is encountered (#include or #parse).
 void EventCartridge.initialize(RuntimeServices rs)
          Initialize the handlers.
static Object EventHandlerUtil.invalidGetMethod(RuntimeServices rsvc, InternalContextAdapter context, String reference, Object object, String property, Info info)
          Called when an invalid get method is encountered.
static Object EventHandlerUtil.invalidMethod(RuntimeServices rsvc, InternalContextAdapter context, String reference, Object object, String method, Info info)
          Called when an invalid method is encountered.
static Object EventHandlerUtil.invalidReferenceHandlerCall(EventHandlerMethodExecutor methodExecutor, RuntimeServices rsvc, InternalContextAdapter context)
          Calls event handler method with appropriate chaining across event handlers.
static void EventHandlerUtil.invalidSetMethod(RuntimeServices rsvc, InternalContextAdapter context, String leftreference, String rightreference, Info info)
          Called when an invalid set method is encountered.
static Object EventHandlerUtil.methodException(RuntimeServices rsvc, InternalContextAdapter context, Class claz, String method, Exception e)
          Called when a method exception is generated during Velocity merge.
static Object EventHandlerUtil.referenceInsert(RuntimeServices rsvc, InternalContextAdapter context, String reference, Object value)
          Called before a reference is inserted.
static boolean EventHandlerUtil.shouldLogOnNullSet(RuntimeServices rsvc, InternalContextAdapter context, String lhs, String rhs)
          Called when a null is evaluated during a #set.

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Methods in that return RuntimeServices
protected  RuntimeServices EscapeReference.getRuntimeServices()
          Retrieve a reference to RuntimeServices.

Methods in with parameters of type RuntimeServices
 void ReportInvalidReferences.setRuntimeServices(RuntimeServices rs)
          Called automatically when event cartridge is initialized.
 void PrintExceptions.setRuntimeServices(RuntimeServices rs)
 void IncludeNotFound.setRuntimeServices(RuntimeServices rs)
 void EscapeReference.setRuntimeServices(RuntimeServices rs)
          Called automatically when event cartridge is initialized.

Uses of RuntimeServices in org.apache.velocity.context

Constructors in org.apache.velocity.context with parameters of type RuntimeServices
EvaluateContext(InternalContextAdapter inner, RuntimeServices rsvc)
          Deprecated. CTOR, wraps an ICA
ProxyVMContext(InternalContextAdapter inner, RuntimeServices rsvc, boolean localContextScope)

Uses of RuntimeServices in org.apache.velocity.runtime

Classes in org.apache.velocity.runtime that implement RuntimeServices
 class RuntimeInstance
          This is the Runtime system for Velocity.

Methods in org.apache.velocity.runtime that return RuntimeServices
static RuntimeServices RuntimeSingleton.getRuntimeServices()
          Returns the RuntimeServices Instance used by this wrapper.

Methods in org.apache.velocity.runtime with parameters of type RuntimeServices
 void ParserPoolImpl.initialize(RuntimeServices rsvc)
          Create the underlying "pool".
 void ParserPool.initialize(RuntimeServices svc)
          Initialize the pool so that it can begin serving parser instances.

Constructors in org.apache.velocity.runtime with parameters of type RuntimeServices
VelocimacroFactory(RuntimeServices rsvc)
          C'tor for the VelociMacro factory.

Uses of RuntimeServices in org.apache.velocity.runtime.directive

Fields in org.apache.velocity.runtime.directive declared as RuntimeServices
protected  RuntimeServices Directive.rsvc

Methods in org.apache.velocity.runtime.directive with parameters of type RuntimeServices
static void Macro.checkArgs(RuntimeServices rs, Token t, Node node, String sourceTemplate)
          Used by to do further parameter checking for macro arguments.
 void VelocimacroProxy.init(RuntimeServices rs)
          Initialize members of VelocimacroProxy.
 void Stop.init(RuntimeServices rs, InternalContextAdapter context, Node node)
 void RuntimeMacro.init(RuntimeServices rs, InternalContextAdapter context, Node node)
          Intialize the Runtime macro.
 void Parse.init(RuntimeServices rs, InternalContextAdapter context, Node node)
          Init's the #parse directive.
 void Macro.init(RuntimeServices rs, InternalContextAdapter context, Node node)
 void Literal.init(RuntimeServices rs, InternalContextAdapter context, Node node)
          Deprecated. Store the literal rendition of a node using the Node.literal().
 void Include.init(RuntimeServices rs, InternalContextAdapter context, Node node)
          simple init - init the tree and get the elementKey from the AST
 void Foreach.init(RuntimeServices rs, InternalContextAdapter context, Node node)
          simple init - init the tree and get the elementKey from the AST
 void Evaluate.init(RuntimeServices rs, InternalContextAdapter context, Node node)
          Initialize and check arguments.
 void Directive.init(RuntimeServices rs, InternalContextAdapter context, Node node)
          How this directive is to be initialized.
 void Define.init(RuntimeServices rs, InternalContextAdapter context, Node node)
          simple init - get the key
 void Break.init(RuntimeServices rs, InternalContextAdapter context, Node node)
          simple init - init the tree and get the elementKey from the AST
 void BlockMacro.init(RuntimeServices rs, InternalContextAdapter context, Node node)
          Initializes the directive.
 void Block.init(RuntimeServices rs, InternalContextAdapter context, Node node)
          simple init - get the key

Uses of RuntimeServices in org.apache.velocity.runtime.log

Methods in org.apache.velocity.runtime.log with parameters of type RuntimeServices
 void SystemLogChute.init(RuntimeServices rs)
 void SimpleLog4JLogSystem.init(RuntimeServices rs)
 void ServletLogChute.init(RuntimeServices rs)
 void NullLogChute.init(RuntimeServices rs)
 void LogSystem.init(RuntimeServices rs)
          Deprecated. Initializes this LogSystem.
 void LogChuteSystem.init(RuntimeServices rs)
 void LogChute.init(RuntimeServices rs)
          Initializes this LogChute.
 void Log4JLogChute.init(RuntimeServices rs)
 void JdkLogChute.init(RuntimeServices rs)
 void CommonsLogLogChute.init(RuntimeServices rs)
          LogChute methods
 void AvalonLogChute.init(RuntimeServices rs)
static void LogManager.updateLog(Log log, RuntimeServices rsvc)
          Update the Log instance with the appropriate LogChute and other settings determined by the RuntimeServices.

Uses of RuntimeServices in org.apache.velocity.runtime.parser

Constructors in org.apache.velocity.runtime.parser with parameters of type RuntimeServices
Parser(RuntimeServices rs)
          This constructor was added to allow the re-use of parsers.

Uses of RuntimeServices in org.apache.velocity.runtime.parser.node

Fields in org.apache.velocity.runtime.parser.node declared as RuntimeServices
protected  RuntimeServices SimpleNode.rsvc

Methods in org.apache.velocity.runtime.parser.node that return RuntimeServices
 RuntimeServices SimpleNode.getRuntimeServices()

Uses of RuntimeServices in org.apache.velocity.runtime.resource

Fields in org.apache.velocity.runtime.resource declared as RuntimeServices
protected  RuntimeServices ResourceManagerImpl.rsvc
          The internal RuntimeServices object.
protected  RuntimeServices ResourceCacheImpl.rsvc
          Runtime services, generally initialized by the initialize() method.
protected  RuntimeServices Resource.rsvc

Methods in org.apache.velocity.runtime.resource with parameters of type RuntimeServices
 void ResourceManagerImpl.initialize(RuntimeServices rsvc)
          Initialize the ResourceManager.
 void ResourceManager.initialize(RuntimeServices rs)
          Initialize the ResourceManager.
 void ResourceCacheImpl.initialize(RuntimeServices rs)
 void ResourceCache.initialize(RuntimeServices rs)
          initializes the ResourceCache.
 void Resource.setRuntimeServices(RuntimeServices rs)

Uses of RuntimeServices in org.apache.velocity.runtime.resource.loader

Fields in org.apache.velocity.runtime.resource.loader declared as RuntimeServices
protected  RuntimeServices ResourceLoader.rsvc

Methods in org.apache.velocity.runtime.resource.loader with parameters of type RuntimeServices
 void ResourceLoader.commonInit(RuntimeServices rs, ExtendedProperties configuration)
          This initialization is used by all resource loaders and must be called to set up common properties shared by all resource loaders
static ResourceLoader ResourceLoaderFactory.getLoader(RuntimeServices rs, String loaderClassName)
          Gets the loader specified in the configuration file.

Constructors in org.apache.velocity.runtime.resource.loader with parameters of type RuntimeServices
JarHolder(RuntimeServices rs, String urlpath)

Uses of RuntimeServices in org.apache.velocity.util

Methods in org.apache.velocity.util with parameters of type RuntimeServices
 void RuntimeServicesAware.setRuntimeServices(RuntimeServices rs)
          Called automatically when event cartridge is initialized.

Uses of RuntimeServices in org.apache.velocity.util.introspection

Methods in org.apache.velocity.util.introspection with parameters of type RuntimeServices
 void SecureUberspector.setRuntimeServices(RuntimeServices rs)
          Store the RuntimeServices before the object is initialized..

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