4.5 Stylesheets and Driver files

For each of the formats used by the framework, a stylesheet driver file exists in the DocBook Framework in src/styles. These files are pdf.xsl, html.xsl and htmlsingle.xsl.

The driver files are intended to reference the actual style sheet customization and to add some framework specific elements through filtering. This two step process has been chosen because html and htmlsingle are very similar and it makes no sense to maintain two sets of stylesheet customizations that are virtually identical.

Before usage, these files are copied to target/tmp using an ant filter set. This allows you to use the following replacements in the driver files:

Table 4.1. ant filter tokens in the stylesheet customization files

Filter tokenDefault ValueToken function
file:// (Unix)
file:/// (Windows)
Prefix for loading a file through the XSL processor.
@docbook.xml@(computed at runtime)Location of the DocBook XML files
@docbook.xsl@(computed at runtime)Location of the DocBook XSL style sheets
@src.dir@${basedir}/srcLocation of the source files (DocBook, Images etc.)
@tmp.dir@${basedir}/target/tmpDirectory for temporary (scratch) files
@<type>.target.dir@ (type is pdf for PDF, html for multi-page HTML and htmlsingle for single-page HTML)(computed at runtime)Points to the target directory into which the document is rendered

Please refer to the provided driver files in src/styles in the DocBook Framework on how to use the filter set.