Interface EventHandlerMethodExecutor

All Known Implementing Classes:
IncludeEventHandler.IncludeEventExecutor, InvalidReferenceEventHandler.InvalidGetMethodExecutor, InvalidReferenceEventHandler.InvalidMethodExecutor, InvalidReferenceEventHandler.InvalidSetMethodExecutor, MethodExceptionEventHandler.MethodExceptionExecutor, NullSetEventHandler.ShouldLogOnNullSetExecutor, ReferenceInsertionEventHandler.referenceInsertExecutor

public interface EventHandlerMethodExecutor

Strategy object used to execute event handler method. Will be called while looping through all the chained event handler implementations. Each EventHandler method call should have a parallel executor object defined.

$Id: 470256 2006-11-02 07:20:36Z wglass $
Will Glass-Husain

Method Summary
 void execute(EventHandler handler)
          Execute the event handler method.
 Object getReturnValue()
          Get return value at end of all the iterations
 boolean isDone()
          Called after execute() to see if iterating should stop.

Method Detail


void execute(EventHandler handler)
             throws Exception
Execute the event handler method. If Object is not null, do not iterate further through the handler chain. If appropriate, the returned Object will be the return value.

handler - call the appropriate method on this handler
Exception - generic exception potentially thrown by event handlers


boolean isDone()
Called after execute() to see if iterating should stop. Should always return false before method execute() is run.

true if no more event handlers for this method should be called.


Object getReturnValue()
Get return value at end of all the iterations

null if no return value is required

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