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Uses of ResourceLoader in org.apache.velocity.runtime.resource

Fields in org.apache.velocity.runtime.resource declared as ResourceLoader
protected  ResourceLoader Resource.resourceLoader
          The template loader that initially loaded the input stream for this template, and knows how to check the source of the input stream for modification.

Methods in org.apache.velocity.runtime.resource that return ResourceLoader
 ResourceLoader Resource.getResourceLoader()
          Return the template loader that pulled in the template stream

Methods in org.apache.velocity.runtime.resource with parameters of type ResourceLoader
 void Resource.setResourceLoader(ResourceLoader resourceLoader)
          Set the template loader for this template.

Uses of ResourceLoader in org.apache.velocity.runtime.resource.loader

Subclasses of ResourceLoader in org.apache.velocity.runtime.resource.loader
 class ClasspathResourceLoader
          ClasspathResourceLoader is a simple loader that will load templates from the classpath.
 class DataSourceResourceLoader
          This is a simple template file loader that loads templates from a DataSource instead of plain files.
 class FileResourceLoader
          A loader for templates stored on the file system.
 class JarResourceLoader
           ResourceLoader to load templates from multiple Jar files.
 class StringResourceLoader
          Resource loader that works with Strings.
 class URLResourceLoader
          This is a simple URL-based loader.

Methods in org.apache.velocity.runtime.resource.loader that return ResourceLoader
static ResourceLoader ResourceLoaderFactory.getLoader(RuntimeServices rs, String loaderClassName)
          Gets the loader specified in the configuration file.

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