Package org.apache.velocity.util.introspection

Interface Summary
IntrospectorCache The introspector cache API definition.
IntrospectorCacheListener Interface to implement for listeners to the internal Introspector cache.
SecureIntrospectorControl Interface used to determine which methods are allowed to be executed.
Uberspect 'Federated' introspection/reflection interface to allow the introspection behavior in Velocity to be customized.
UberspectLoggable Marker interface to let an uberspector indicate it can and wants to log Thanks to Paulo for the suggestion
VelMethod Method used for regular method invocation $
VelPropertyGet Interface defining a 'getter'.
VelPropertySet Interface used for setting values that appear to be properties in Velocity.

Class Summary
ClassMap A cache of introspection information for a specific class instance.
Info Little class to carry in info such as template name, line and column for information error reporting from the uberspector implementations
IntrospectionCacheData Holds information for node-local context data introspection information.
Introspector This basic function of this class is to return a Method object for a particular class given the name of a method and the parameters to the method in the form of an Object[] The first time the Introspector sees a class it creates a class method map for the class in question.
IntrospectorBase Lookup a a Method object for a particular class given the name of a method and its parameters.
IntrospectorCacheImpl This is the internal introspector cache implementation.
SecureIntrospectorImpl Prevent "dangerous" classloader/reflection related calls.
SecureUberspector Use a custom introspector that prevents classloader related method calls.
UberspectImpl Implementation of Uberspect to provide the default introspective functionality of Velocity
UberspectImpl.VelMethodImpl Implementation of VelMethod

Exception Summary
MethodMap.AmbiguousException Simple distinguishable exception, used when we run across ambiguous overloading.

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