Package org.apache.velocity.anakia

Class Summary
AnakiaElement A JDOM Element that is tailored for Anakia needs.
AnakiaJDOMFactory A customized JDOMFactory for Anakia that produces AnakiaElement instances instead of ordinary JDOM Element instances.
AnakiaTask The purpose of this Ant Task is to allow you to use Velocity as an XML transformation tool like XSLT is.
Escape This class is for escaping CDATA sections.
NodeList Provides a class for wrapping a list of JDOM objects primarily for use in template engines and other kinds of text transformation tools.
OutputWrapper This class extends XMLOutputter in order to provide a way to walk an Element tree into a String.
TreeWalker This class allows you to walk a tree of JDOM Element objects.
XPathTool This class adds an entrypoint into XPath functionality, for Anakia.

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