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public interface MethodExceptionEventHandler
extends EventHandler

Event handler called when a method throws an exception. This gives the application a chance to deal with it and either return something nice, or throw. Please return what you want rendered into the output stream.

$Id: 685685 2008-08-13 21:43:27Z nbubna $
Will Glass-Husain, Geir Magnusson Jr.

Nested Class Summary
static class MethodExceptionEventHandler.MethodExceptionExecutor
          Defines the execution strategy for methodException
Method Summary
 Object methodException(Class claz, String method, Exception e)
          Called when a method throws an exception.

Method Detail


Object methodException(Class claz,
                       String method,
                       Exception e)
                       throws Exception
Called when a method throws an exception. Only the first registered MethodExceptionEventHandler is called. If none are registered a MethodInvocationException is thrown.

claz - the class of the object the method is being applied to
method - the method
e - the thrown exception
an object to insert in the page
Exception - an exception to be thrown instead inserting an object

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