Interface NullSetEventHandler

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public interface NullSetEventHandler
extends EventHandler

Event handler called when the RHS of #set is null. Lets an app approve / veto writing a log message based on the specific reference.

$Id: 685685 2008-08-13 21:43:27Z nbubna $
Will Glass-Husain, Geir Magnusson Jr.

Nested Class Summary
static class NullSetEventHandler.ShouldLogOnNullSetExecutor
          Defines the execution strategy for shouldLogOnNullSet
Method Summary
 boolean shouldLogOnNullSet(String lhs, String rhs)
          Called when the RHS of a #set() is null, which will result in a null LHS.

Method Detail


boolean shouldLogOnNullSet(String lhs,
                           String rhs)
Called when the RHS of a #set() is null, which will result in a null LHS. All NullSetEventHandlers are called in sequence until a false is returned. If no NullSetEventHandler is registered all nulls will be logged.

lhs - reference literal of left-hand-side of set statement
rhs - reference literal of right-hand-side of set statement
true if log message should be written, false otherwise

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