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Uses of ExtendedParseException in org.apache.velocity.exception

Classes in org.apache.velocity.exception that implement ExtendedParseException
 class MethodInvocationException
          Application-level exception thrown when a reference method is invoked and an exception is thrown.
 class TemplateInitException
          Exception generated to indicate parse errors caught during directive initialization (e.g.

Uses of ExtendedParseException in org.apache.velocity.runtime.directive

Classes in org.apache.velocity.runtime.directive that implement ExtendedParseException
 class MacroParseException
          Exception to indicate problem happened while constructing #macro() For internal use in parser - not to be passed to app level

Uses of ExtendedParseException in org.apache.velocity.runtime.parser

Classes in org.apache.velocity.runtime.parser that implement ExtendedParseException
 class TemplateParseException
          This is an extension of the ParseException, which also takes a template name.

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