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Velocity runs on a variety of platforms that have installed the Java Virtual Machine. A Java Development Kit version 1.8+ is required to compile Velocity from its source code (as it is to run it).

Everything required to build Velocity comes with the distribution, which can be obtained from Apache git, github (handy to submit pull requests) or from the main distribution. However, you will need to install Maven to build the Velocity sources.

Maven is also an Apache project. To build Apache Velocity, you need at least Version 3.0.5 of Apache Maven.

Required Tools

To build Velocity we require Maven version 3.0.5 or higher to perform the build process. We assume that you have followed Maven's installation instructions and have it properly installed.

Building from Sources

In each case below, it is assumed that you were successful in checking out the sources from github:

git clone velocity-engine
cd velocity-engine
mvn install

Executing this script will create a target directory within the velocity-engine directory. Each subdirectory containing a module of Velocity will contain a "target" directory too, containing all built jars.

After a successful build with the above command, your Velocity build will be available in your local Maven repository.

Refer to Maven documentation for alternate commands you can invoke.

If you find a problem, do not hesitate to ask the Velocity community via our mailing lists.