Deprecated API

Deprecated Interfaces
          Your tools now only need to have a configure(Map) method.
          Your tools now only need to have an init(Object) method. 

Deprecated Methods
          Use AbstractPagerTool.getItems()., HttpServletResponse, Context)
          This will be removed in VelocityTools 2.0.
          Use AbstractPagerTool.hasItems(), List)
          Use list) or AlternatorTool.manual(List list) instead., Object[])
          Use[] array) or AlternatorTool.manual(Object[] array) instead., Object, Object)
          Use o1, Object o2) or AlternatorTool.manual(Object o1, Object o2) instead. 

Deprecated Constructors, String, String, Object[])
          This will be removed after VelocityTools 1.4 

Copyright (c) 2003-2007 Apache Software Foundation