Contains tools and supporting infrastructure for using those tools in a servlet environment as well as general use classes to support use of Velocity as (or in) the view layer of web applications.


Interface Summary
JeeConfig Because sometimes you don't care about the difference between a servlet and a filter.
ToolboxManager Deprecated.
ToolInfo Deprecated. Use ToolInfo
ViewContext This interface provides view tools in a servlet environment access to relevant context information, like servlet request, servlet context and the velocity context.

Class Summary
AbstractSearchTool Abstract view tool for doing "searching" and robust pagination of search results.
AbstractSearchTool.StoredResults Simple utility class to hold a criterion and its result list.
BrowserTool browser-sniffing tool (session or request scope requested, session scope advised).
CookieTool View tool for convenient cookie access and creation.
CookieTool.SugarCookie Extends Cookie to add some fluid API sugar and a toString() method that renders the Cookie's value instead of the usual Object.toString() shenanigans.
DataInfo Deprecated. Use Data
ImportSupport Provides methods to import arbitrary local or remote resources as strings.
ImportSupport.ImportResponseWrapper Wraps responses to allow us to retrieve results as Strings.
ImportTool General-purpose text-importing view tool for templates.
IncludeTool Allows for transparent content negotiation in a manner mimicking Apache httpd's MultiViews.
JeeContextConfig Implements JeeConfig with only a ServletContext.
JeeFilterConfig Implements JeeConfig with a FilterConfig.
JeeServletConfig Implements JeeConfig with a ServletConfig.
LinkTool The LinkTool provides many methods to work with URIs and can help you: construct full URIs (absolute or relative) encode session ID into a URI retrieve server, port and path info for the current request reconstruct or alter the current request URI and more..
PagerTool View tool for doing request-based pagination of items in an a list.
ParameterTool Utility class for easy parsing of ServletRequest parameters.
ServletLogChute Deprecated. This class has been moved to Velocity Engine 1.6+ and only remains here temporarily for users of previous Velocity Engine versions.
ServletUtils A set of utility methods for supporting and using VelocityTools in the servlet environment.
ToolboxRuleSet Deprecated. Use XmlFactoryConfigurationRuleSet
VelocityLayoutServlet Extension of the VelocityViewServlet to perform "two-pass" layout rendering and allow for a customized error screen.
VelocityView The class provides the following features:
VelocityViewFilter A filter to ensure VelocityTools Toolboxes are available in the request/session/application scopes.
VelocityViewServlet A servlet to process Velocity templates.
ViewContextTool Extension of ContextTool that includes keys and values from the HttpServletRequest, HttpSession and ServletContext.
ViewToolContext ToolContext implementation specific to the servlet environment.
ViewToolInfo Deprecated. Use ToolInfo
ViewToolManager Manages tools for web applications.
WebappResourceLoader Resource loader that uses the ServletContext of a webapp to load Velocity templates.
WebappUberspector This custom uberspector allows getAttribute() and setAttribute() as standard getters and setters for the "request","session" and "application" keys.
XMLToolboxManager Deprecated. Use XmlFactoryConfiguration

Package Description

Contains tools and supporting infrastructure for using those tools in a servlet environment as well as general use classes to support use of Velocity as (or in) the view layer of web applications.

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