VelocityTools 2.1.0-SNAPSHOT API

Packages Contains a collection of reusable, general-purpose "tools" for Velocity. Contains classes created to serve as bridges between Commons-Logging and Velocity's LogSystem. Wraps a JSP tag library into one Velocity directive per tag. Model classes representing a tag library descriptor elements. VelocityStruts contains view tools for integrating Velocity with the Apache Struts 1 framework by providing easy access to Struts resources from within Velocity templates. Contains tools and supporting infrastructure for using those tools in a servlet environment as well as general use classes to support use of Velocity as (or in) the view layer of web applications. All classes in this package have been deprecated. JSP support of Velocity (and vice-versa). Contains JSP-simulating classes that allows the use of a Velocity environment under JSP specific classes, like tags. All classes in this package have been deprecated. All classes in this package have been deprecated and moved to


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