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Velocity v1.3.1 Released

powered-by-logo.gif Version 1.3.1 of the Velocity Template Engine is available. Yay! (2003-03-31)

Velocity News

Cotsec Forms Uses Velocity

Cotsec has released a cross-language/cross-platform rapid development environment called Cotsec Forms that uses Velocity as it's underlying template engine. (2003-08-23)

Velocity Tools 1.0

The first release of the Velocity Tools subproject is available. It includes a generic tools package, support for clean, quick MVC web development in the VelocityView package, and support for integration with the Struts framework. (2003-07-16)

Velocity Template Editor Plugin for Eclipse

The first public release of an editor plugin for Velocity templates is available on (Eclipse Online-Update Site: (2002-07-22)

Roller Weblogger Brings it Together

From the site : Roller is server-based weblogging software - a web application - that is designed to support multiple simultaneous weblog users and visitors. Roller was originally written as an example application for an article on open source Java development tools. The article describes how the Struts Servlet framework, the Castor JDO persistence engine, the XDoclet code generator, and the Velocity template processor can be used together to create a full-featured database-driven web application. (2002-07-22)

User's Guide Now Available in French

Thanks to the translation contributed by Jean-Francois El Fouly, the Velocity project can now offer the User's Guide in French. Thanks! (2002-06-17)

New Release : Maverick

Another new release in the Velocity 'powered-by' family - The Maverick team is happy to announce the version 2.1 release of the Maverick MVC Framework. (2002-06-12)

User's Guide Now Available in Spanish

Thanks to the translation contributed by Juan Pablo Morales Olaya, the Velocity project can now offer the User's Guide in Spanish. Thanks! (2002-06-06)

New Release : vDoclet

Another new milestone release in the Velocity 'powered-by' family : Check it out!(2002-06-06)

New Releases : Turbine, WebWork and JPublish

A few new releases in the Velocity family : Check 'em out!(2002-03-23)

JeeWiz : The Enterprise System Builder

JeeWiz, a new product from New Technology/enterprise Limited, is a J2EE system development tool that uses Velocity templates to generate infrastructure code, deployment descriptors and build jobs for J2EE projects. And it's said Velocity has no place in J2EE... ;-) (2002-03-09)

User's Guide Available in Finnish

Thanks to Juha Kilpi, we now offer a Finnish translation to the Velocity Users Guide. Thanks Juha! (2002-01-27)

Velocity Tool Subproject

The first code for the new Velocity Tool Subproject is in and can be found in CVS as jakarta-velocity-tools. The first functionality includes integration with Jakarta Struts as well as a generic template-rendering servlet with tool support. Take a look! (2002-01-03)

Introductory Velocity Article on JavaWorld

For a introduction to the Velocity Template Engine, a brief overview of the Velocity Template Language and some basic examples, see is the new article on JavaWorld by Geir Magnusson Jr. (2001-12-28)

DVSL XML Transformation Tool Added as Subproject

The DVSL XML transformation tool has been added as a new subproject. Check it out here.(2001-12-18)

Velocity mentioned in ZDNet Article (last May)

It seems we could be a "can't-live-without-it piece of the infrastructure" of tomorrow. Check it out. (2001-12-09)

Luxor, Velocity-based XUL Toolkit Released

Luxor is an open-source XML User Interface Language (XUL) toolkit for Java. Read more here. (2001-12-08)

Generate Code with Velocity in Borland's JBuilder

Read about how to use Velocity and Borland's OpenTools API to extend Borland's JBuilder for template-based Java source code generation. (2001-12-08)

Archived articles are here.

What is Velocity?

Velocity is a Java-based template engine. It permits anyone to use the simple yet powerful template language to reference objects defined in Java code.

When Velocity is used for web development, Web designers can work in parallel with Java programmers to develop web sites according to the Model-View-Controller (MVC) model, meaning that web page designers can focus solely on creating a site that looks good, and programmers can focus solely on writing top-notch code. Velocity separates Java code from the web pages, making the web site more maintainable over the long run and providing a viable alternative to Java Server Pages (JSPs) or PHP.

Velocity's capabilities reach well beyond the realm of web sites; for example, it can generate SQL and PostScript and XML (see Anakia for more information on XML transformations) from templates. It can be used either as a standalone utility for generating source code and reports, or as an integrated component of other systems. Velocity also provides template services for the Turbine web application framework. Velocity+Turbine provides a template service that allows web applications to be developed according to a true MVC model.

Where do I get releases?

The current release version is version 1.3.1.

The release distribution is available in both tar.gz and zip formats, and are found here.

Where do I get nightly snapshots?

Nightly snapshots of the Velocity CVS can be found here.

These are meant to provide easy access to the actual project CVS tree. As this is our live development workspace, there are no guarantees as to what you will find there,although we do our best to maintain a buildable source tree. If you are looking for the stable supported release, please use the current release of Velocity.

If you are willing to risk getting dirty, we invite you to try the nightly snapshot to see the current state of affairs (and help out!) Public CVS access is also available.

How do I contribute, give feedback, fix bugs and so on?

The Velocity project really needs and appreciates any contributions, including documentation help, source code and feedback. Suggested changes should come in the form of source code and/or very detailed and constructive feedback.

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