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Getting Started

It's easy to get started with Velocity. The best places to start are

  • The User's Guide, which provides a good overview of what Velocity templates are all about.
  • The Developer's Guide, which provides a good reference and discussion of incorporating Velocity into your Java programs and servlets.
  • The VTL Reference Guide, which is a reference guide for VTL, the Velocity Template Language.
  • The Design document, which provides a high-level overview of the how Velocity works, and why it's important.
And of course, the best place to start is with the examples provided with the distribution, and the source code itself, which is included.

Instructions for downloading and installing Velocity can be found on the Install document.

API Documentation

Our API documentation is available online, as part of the distribution package, and of course, you can generate it yourself from the included sources.

If you would like to create a full set of detailed API documentation for Velocity, go to the build directory and run:

ant javadocs

The docs will be found in the /docs/apidocs/ directory.

Note: Velocity uses the Jakarta Ant build tool for all code and documentation generation, so you will need to have it installed. We strongly endorse this wonderful tool for any Java developer.

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