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Velocity and Development Tools

We have three contributions from the user community to help make developing with Velocity easier and more convenient.

IntelliJ IDEA

Rickard Oberg ( has contributed templates for the IntelliJ IDEA IDE.

They can be found here in the Velocity CVS, or can be found in the /contrib/tools directory of the source tree.

UltraEdit Editor

Herve Guidetti ( contributed a 'word.txt' addition (with tweaks and comments by Wido Hillmann ( ) for the UltraEdit programmers editor.

It can be found here in the Velocity CVS, or can be found in the /contrib/tools directory of the source tree.

To add this to your UltraEdit configuration :

  1. Go into UltraEdit home directory.
  2. Add the content of the file to the end of your word.txt file.
  3. Modify the number on the first line (/L9 in this case), so that it matches your word.txt definition. (it's incremental)
  4. Edit a .vm template with UltraEdit. You should now have syntax coloring for Velocimacros.


Saimon Moore ( contributed a Velocity mode for the java-based editor JEdit, and can be found here in velocity.xml.

To install, add the velocity.xml to one of your 'mode' directories, and add the following to that directory's catalog file :

<MODE NAME="velocity"  FILE="velocity.xml"
		       FILE_NAME_GLOB="*.vw" />
and restart JEdit. If there are any problems with installation, see the JEdit documentation about 'Modes'.


Jeff Linwood ( created a simple syntax definition for Velocity for the TextPad editor, which can be found here.


Brian Leonard ( contributed a minor mode that does font-locking (syntax coloring) of VTL in emacs. As a minor mode, it insinuates itself into whatever major mode you're using, so you don't lose the major mode's goodness. It can be found here.

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