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We are getting great feedback on this document. As promised, on the homepage, this is a live document that will undergo changes over time to correct mistakes and add improvements and clarifications. Below are a list of changes to date (latest changes first in listing):

  • Rebuilt the helloworld.jsp example using Tomcat 3.3m2
  • Added Struts HelloWorld example from: Martin Cooper
  • Integrated feedback from Geir Magnusson Jr.
  • Integrated feedback from dIon Gillard
  • Typo fixes from Tim Pizey
  • Cleanup of the way that the Implementation page is written in order to clarify the points.
  • Minor clarification in the Saying Hello example.
  • Added the Hosting page to address the idea that JSP makes a great hosting platform.
  • Added a paragraph on the Conclusion page.
  • Added a few paragraphs to the bottom of the Taglibs page.
  • Added a few paragraphs to the top of the Sample App page.
  • Updated the example "right way" on the Saying Hello page as well as the comments about it. Thanks to Niall Pemberton for the correction.
  • Added more clarification on the Home page about what we are comparing. The reason is that we got feedback from Niall Pemberton suggesting that because we didn't compare Internationalization that this article was not of use for him.
  • Added a link to this page to the Home page.
  • Copy/paste error on the Sample Application page. (JSS)

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