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Classes in that implement RuntimeServicesAware
 class EscapeHtmlReference
          Escape all HTML entities.
 class EscapeJavaScriptReference
          Escapes the characters in a String to be suitable for use in JavaScript.
 class EscapeReference
          Base class for escaping references.
 class EscapeSqlReference
          Escapes the characters in a String to be suitable to pass to an SQL query.
 class EscapeXmlReference
          Escape all XML entities.
 class IncludeNotFound
          Simple event handler that checks to see if an included page is available.
 class PrintExceptions
          Simple event handler that renders method exceptions in the page rather than throwing the exception.
 class ReportInvalidReferences
          Use this event handler to flag invalid references.

Uses of RuntimeServicesAware in org.apache.velocity.util.introspection

Classes in org.apache.velocity.util.introspection that implement RuntimeServicesAware
 class SecureUberspector
          Use a custom introspector that prevents classloader related method calls.

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