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Uses of IntrospectorCacheListener in org.apache.velocity.util.introspection

Classes in org.apache.velocity.util.introspection that implement IntrospectorCacheListener
 class Introspector
          This basic function of this class is to return a Method object for a particular class given the name of a method and the parameters to the method in the form of an Object[] The first time the Introspector sees a class it creates a class method map for the class in question.
 class IntrospectorBase
          Lookup a a Method object for a particular class given the name of a method and its parameters.
 class SecureIntrospectorImpl
          Prevent "dangerous" classloader/reflection related calls.

Methods in org.apache.velocity.util.introspection with parameters of type IntrospectorCacheListener
 void IntrospectorCache.addListener(IntrospectorCacheListener listener)
          Register a Cache listener.
 void IntrospectorCacheImpl.addListener(IntrospectorCacheListener listener)
          Register a Cache listener.
 void IntrospectorCache.removeListener(IntrospectorCacheListener listener)
          Remove a Cache listener.
 void IntrospectorCacheImpl.removeListener(IntrospectorCacheListener listener)
          Remove a Cache listener.

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