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Uses of VelocityException in org.apache.velocity.exception

Subclasses of VelocityException in org.apache.velocity.exception
 class MacroOverflowException
          Application-level exception thrown when macro calls within macro calls exceeds the maximum allowed depth.
 class MathException
          Separate exception class to distinguish math problems.
 class MethodInvocationException
          Application-level exception thrown when a reference method is invoked and an exception is thrown.
 class ParseErrorException
          Application-level exception thrown when a resource of any type has a syntax or other error which prevents it from being parsed.
 class ResourceNotFoundException
          Application-level exception thrown when a resource of any type isn't found by the Velocity engine.
 class TemplateInitException
          Exception generated to indicate parse errors caught during directive initialization (e.g.

Constructors in org.apache.velocity.exception with parameters of type VelocityException
ParseErrorException(VelocityException pex)
          Create a ParseErrorException with the given ParseException.

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