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Packages that use InternalEventContext

Uses of InternalEventContext in org.apache.velocity

Classes in org.apache.velocity that implement InternalEventContext
 class VelocityContext
          General purpose implemention of the application Context interface for general application use.

Uses of InternalEventContext in org.apache.velocity.context

Subinterfaces of InternalEventContext in org.apache.velocity.context
 interface InternalContextAdapter
          interface to bring all necessary internal and user contexts together.

Classes in org.apache.velocity.context that implement InternalEventContext
 class AbstractContext
          This class is the abstract base class for all conventional Velocity Context implementations.
 class ChainedInternalContextAdapter
          This is an abstract internal-use-only context implementation to be used as a subclass for other internal-use-only contexts that wrap other internal-use-only contexts.
 class EvaluateContext
          Deprecated. Will be removed in 2.0
 class InternalContextAdapterImpl
          This adapter class is the container for all context types for internal use.
 class ProxyVMContext
          Context for Velocity macro arguments.

Uses of InternalEventContext in org.apache.velocity.runtime.directive

Classes in org.apache.velocity.runtime.directive that implement InternalEventContext
protected static class Foreach.NullHolderContext
          A special context to use when the foreach iterator returns a null.

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