Contains base interfaces and classes for toolbox management.


Interface Summary
ToolboxManager Common interface for toolbox manager implementations.
ToolInfo Interface to simplify and abstract tool handling.

Class Summary
DataInfo ToolInfo implementation to handle "primitive" data types.
ImportSupport Provides methods to import arbitrary local or remote resources as strings.
ToolboxRuleSet The set of Digester rules required to parse a toolbox configuration file (toolbox.xml) for the XMLToolboxManager class.
ViewToolInfo ToolInfo implementation for view tools.
XMLToolboxManager A ToolboxManager for loading a toolbox from xml.

Package Description

Contains base interfaces and classes for toolbox management.

This is the root package of the VelocityView code. Classes in this package and it's subpackages are meant to provide support for using Velocity for the view layer of MVC applications (with an emphasis on toolbox support and support for servlet based applications).

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