Contains a collection of reusable, general-purpose "tools" for Velocity.


Interface Summary
LoopTool.Condition Represents a function into which a LoopTool.ManagedIterator can pass it's next element to see if an LoopTool.Action should be taken.

Class Summary
AbstractLockConfig Deprecated. Use SafeConfig instead
Alternator Utility class for easily alternating over values in a list.
AlternatorTool Simple tool to provide easy in-template instantiation of Alternators from varying "list" types or individual arguments.
ClassTool This tool is meant to simplify reflective lookup of information about a Class and its Fields, Methods, and Constructors.
ClassTool.CallableSub<T extends ClassTool.CallableSub>  
ClassTool.ConstructorSub A simplified wrapping interface for inspecting features of a Constructor in an inspected Class.
ClassTool.FieldSub A simplified wrapping interface for inspecting features of a Field in an inspected Class.
ClassTool.MethodSub A simplified wrapping interface for inspecting features of a Method in an inspected Class.
ClassTool.Sub<T extends ClassTool.Sub>  
ComparisonDateTool Tool for comparing Date and Calendar values in Velocity templates.
ContextTool Tool for convenient access to Context data and meta-data.
ConversionTool Utility class for easy conversion of String values to richer types.
DateTool Tool for working with Date and Calendar in Velocity templates.
DisplayTool Provides general utility methods for controlling the display of references.
DisplayTool.Measurements Measures the dimensions of the string given to its constructor.
EscapeTool Tool for working with escaping in Velocity templates.
FieldTool This is a simple tools class to allow easy access to static fields in a class, such as string constants from within a template.
FieldTool.FieldToolSub Holds a Map of results for a particular class.
FieldTool.MutableField Holds a Field and Class reference for later retrieval of the value of a field that is not final and may change at different lookups.
FormatConfig Implements common logic and constants for tools which allow their default format to be configured.
IteratorTool Deprecated. Use LoopTool instead
LinkTool The LinkTool provides many methods to work with URIs and can help you: construct full URIs (opaque, absolute or relative) encode and decode URLs (part or whole) retrieve path info for the current request and more..
ListTool Deprecated.
LocaleConfig Implements common logic and constants for tools which allow their default Locale to be configured.
LoopTool A convenience tool to use with #foreach loops.
LoopTool.ActionCondition Composition class which associates an LoopTool.Action and LoopTool.ActionCondition for a LoopTool.ManagedIterator.
LoopTool.Comparison Base condition class for conditions (assumption here is that conditions are all comparative.
LoopTool.Equals Simple condition that checks elements in the iterator for equality to a specified Object.
LoopTool.ManagedIterator Iterator implementation that wraps a standard Iterator and allows it to be prematurely stopped, skipped ahead, and associated with a name for advanced nested loop control.
LoopTool.SyncedIterator Simple wrapper to make it easy to keep an arbitray Iterator in sync with a LoopTool.ManagedIterator.
MarkupTool NOTE: This tools is considered "alpha" quality due to lack of testing and a generally unpolished API.
MathTool Tool for performing math in Velocity.
NumberTool Tool for working with Number in Velocity templates.
RenderTool This tool exposes methods to evaluate the given strings as VTL (Velocity Template Language) using either a pre-configured context or one you provide directly.
ResourceTool Tool for accessing ResourceBundles and formatting messages therein.
SafeConfig Implements common logic and constants for tools which automatically locks down the public void configure(Map params) method after it is called once.
SortTool SortTool allows a user to sort a collection (or array, iterator, etc) on any arbitary set of properties exposed by the objects contained within the collection.
SortTool.PropertiesComparator Does all of the comparisons
ValueParser Utility class for easy parsing of String values held in a Map.
XmlTool Tool for reading/navigating XML files.
XmlTool.NodeIterator Iterator implementation that wraps a Node list iterator to return new XmlTool instances for each item in the wrapped iterator.s

Enum Summary
LoopTool.Action Represents an automatic action taken by a LoopTool.ManagedIterator when a LoopTool.ActionCondition is satisfied by the subsequent element.

Package Description

Contains a collection of reusable, general-purpose "tools" for Velocity. These tools are independent of the VelocityView classes and may be used in any context.

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