Class Summary
ClassUtils Repository for common class and reflection methods.
ConversionUtils Utility methods for parsing or otherwise converting between types.
OldToolInfo Manages old tools which still use the deprecated init() method.
Scope A specialized constants class to provide some compile-time typo checking and runtime validation for scopes specified in annotations, toolbox configs, etc.
Toolbox Instances of this class are typically created by a ToolboxFactory on a one-per-scope basis.
ToolboxFactory This class is the central point of action for VelocityTools.
ToolContext Context implementation that keeps a list of Toolboxes and returns them as requested, using its internal context Map as the dynamic properties passed to the requested tools when they are first created.
ToolInfo Manages data needed to create instances of a tool.
ToolManager Manages tools for non-web applications.

Copyright (c) 2003-2007 Apache Software Foundation