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Packages that use UiDependencyTool Contains tools and supporting infrastructure for using those tools in a servlet environment as well as general use classes to support use of Velocity as (or in) the view layer of web applications. 

Uses of UiDependencyTool in

Methods in that return UiDependencyTool
 UiDependencyTool UiDependencyTool.context(String path)
          Sets a custom {context} variable for the formats to use.
 UiDependencyTool UiDependencyTool.on(String name)
          Adds all the files required for the specified group, then returns this instance.
 UiDependencyTool UiDependencyTool.on(String type, String file)
          Adds the specified file to this instance's list of dependencies of the specified type, then returns this instance.

Methods in with parameters of type UiDependencyTool
 Map<String,List<String>> UiDependencyTool.Group.getDependencies(UiDependencyTool parent)
protected  void UiDependencyTool.Group.resolve(UiDependencyTool parent)

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