Contains a collection of reusable, general-purpose "tools" for Velocity.


Class Summary
Alternator Utility class for easily alternating over values in a list.
AlternatorTool Simple tool to provide easy in-template instantiation of Alternators from varying "list" types.
ComparisonDateTool Tool for comparing Date and Calendar values in Velocity templates.
DateTool Tool for working with Date and Calendar in Velocity templates.
EscapeTool Tool for working with escaping in Velocity templates.
IteratorTool A convenience tool to use with #foreach loops.
ListTool Tool for working with Lists and arrays in Velocity templates.
MathTool Tool for performing math in Velocity.
NumberTool Tool for working with Number in Velocity templates.
RenderTool This tool exposes methods to evaluate the given strings as VTL (Velocity Template Language) using the given context.
ResourceTool Tool for accessing ResourceBundles and formatting messages therein.
SortTool SortTool allows a user to sort a collection (or array, iterator, etc) on any arbitary set of properties exposed by the objects contained within the collection.
ValueParser Utility class for easy parsing of String values held in a Map.

Package Description

Contains a collection of reusable, general-purpose "tools" for Velocity. These tools are independent of the VelocityView classes and may be used in any context.

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